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Durant Apologizes for Twitter Mishap

By: Zack Smolev

Kevin Durant got too candid on Tuesday, expressing his reasoning for leaving Oklahoma City in free agency in a series of now-deleted tweets which were posted to his account Tuesday morning.

Durant wrote his tweets in the third person, leading many to assume he has used multiple accounts in the past, “burner accounts”, to defend himself against internet trolls. The theory continues, and Twitter observers and basketball fans alike agree with the conclusion that Durant forgot to switch to a burner account before defending himself.

The ex-Thunder star was incredibly remorseful for his actions Tuesday morning.

“That was just me being a total (expletive) idiot. I own up to it. I want to move on from it.”

Durant also denied having a burner account in an interview with USA Today.

No, no different account,” he said. “I was just on there talking. It kind of looked that way – it did kind of look that way.”

Whether Durant uses a separate account to deal with detractors on the internet, it seems that he reads it all. This was his genuine response, and possibly the only positive to come from this is that the general public can finally see Durant’s reasons for leaving the Thunder in 2016 to join the Warriors. He won a championship in his first season in Oakland.

Photo via @HoopDreamInc on Twitter

Red Sox continue Extra Inning dominance

By: Cam Ventola

Last night, the Red Sox (86-64) orchestrated a 7-run comeback to defeat the Orioles (73-78) 10-8 in a game that lasted 11 innings. For Sox fans, this comes as no surprise–the Red Sox have won 14 extra innings games this season, the second most in franchise history behind only the 1943 season where they won 15. Their 14-3 record in extra innings games is the highest winning percentage in extra innings games for any MLB team this season, and it reflects better on the team than the 1943 season, where those 15 wins in extras were burdened by 16 losses in extras. It’s also worth mentioning the Sox are only 2nd in extra innings games played this year–the San Francisco Giants have played in 20.

These wins have all been tremendous for a team that is fighting to stay atop the AL-East, holding back their long-time rival the New York Yankees. The Sox’s bullpen ERA of 1.34 in extras bodes well for the team as they’re getting geared up for October, though some observers think that an inability to finish a game in 9 innings may hurt the Sox’s odds at winning the World Series. While there’s no denying that frequently playing in extras exhausts the team’s bullpen, there is something to be said for the quality outings each reliever is putting up. These extra innings games even give Sox fans a glimpse of the team’s future as OF Andrew Benintendi has had the game-winning RBI in 4 of the team’s 14 extras wins, the most since a Sox player since 1951. Now that’s what I call clutch.

NHL’s Newest Squad Wins Debut

By: Tristan Graney

The Las Vegas Golden Knights maintain their undefeated record by securing the first franchise win today in their first game of the preseason. The Knights beat the Vancouver Canucks 9-4. Tyler Wong, a two-way forward that recently inked a contract with Vegas’ minor league affiliate, the Chicago Wolves, scored the franchise’s first goal and recorded a hat trick. The team’s first pick and the 6th overall, Cody Glass, added another two goals and two assists to the board. Rookie goalie Dylan Ferguson had an impressive 29 saves, making a strong case for his skills to backup the veteran Marc-André Fleury.

The win, while minor on paper, provides hope to a team of expansion draft players and free agents that form the NHL’s newest team. Most veteran players were absent on the trip, providing the opportunity for the rookies to prove they could compete and become more experienced. They are underdogs going into the regular season, but showed they are willing to work together, resulting in the lethal offense displayed. The players, although young, are looking to disprove the season predictions. Brendan Leipsic, who led the team’s forwards with 21 minutes on the ice said, “It’s been a long time coming for the organization, so to finally put it all on the ice is cool.” The kids are optimistic about a successful season, a bet all Las Vegans are putting money on.

NFL Week Two Picks

By: Jacob Sichel

Week 2 of the NFL Season is here and with a new Week comes new predictions! There were a lot of surprises last week, but are those teams pretenders or contenders? Check out what I think today’s scores will end up being.

Bills @ Panthers 

The Panthers manhandled the 49ers last week, so look for that to continue against a mediocre Bills team. Panthers win 27-6.

Vikings @ Steelers 

The Vikings surprised some folks with a convincing win over Drew Brees and the Saints last week on MNF, while the Steelers only beat the Browns by 3 points. However, Sam Bradford is out today with an injury, so it’ll be up to Case Keenum to get the win. The Steelers are dominant at home. Steelers 24- Vikings 13.

Patriots @ Saints 

The Patriots saw success in the first half of their Week 1 game against the Chiefs, seemingly not missing a step since their Super Bowl win last February. However, they faltered in the second half. Look for the Patriots to get back on track, especially since they are playing a weak New Orleans team. Patriots win 35-21.

Bears @ Buccaneers 

The Bears looked surprisingly effective last week with Mike Glennon under center. They had 4 chances to beat Atlanta with goal to go but failed to convert. This week he returns to face the QB that replaced him in Tampa. We have yet to see Jameis Winston and the Bucs play this year so this will be an exciting matchup. Bears win 21-17.

Cardinals @ Colts 

Both of these teams were a mess last week, but they both need a win in order to right their season’s momentum. With Jacoby Brissett starting for the Colts and David Johnson out at running back for the Cards, there are a lot of questions surrounding these two teams. Cards win 17-10. 

Browns @ Ravens

Deshone Kizer has been somewhat impressive so far as the Browns starting QB, however the Ravens defense blanked Cincinatti last week. Look for Joe Flacco to improve and the Ravens to win. Ravens 27- Browns 20.

Eagles @ Chiefs (Game of the Week 1)

This is my Game of the Week because both of these teams looked very impressive last week. The Eagles won handily last week against a talented Redskins team, but on the other hand the Chiefs smacked the defending champion Patriots. The loss of Eric Berry to the Chiefs secondary is huge, but it shouldn’t hinder their ability to win that much. Chiefs 33- Eagles 28.

Titans @ Jaguars

The Jags looked good last week, with their defense holding Texas to only 7 points. Blake Borltes looked above average, and that’s all he needs to do in order for that team to beat Tennessee. Jags win 27-20

Jets @ Raiders

This isn’t a hard pick. The Raiders continued to look dominant with Derek Carr at QB. The Jets don’t have a QB. Raiders 33- Jets 7.

Dolphins @ Chargers

We have yet to see Jay Cutler and the talented Dolphins roster play a game due to Hurricane Irma. San Diego looked pretty dismal aside from a strong late fourth quarter push from Phillip Rivers. Look for Miami to get the win 31-21.

Cowboys @ Broncos 

The Broncos defense continues to be elite, but questions remain on offense. Dallas is a complete team, with weapons at nearly every position. This should not be a hard game for the Cowboys to win. The Boys 27- 13.

49ers @ Seahawks

The 49ers looked awful against Carolina last week, while Seattle lost a close battle to Green Bay. Seattle should easily take care of business, especially since their playing at home. Seahawks 24-49ers 7.

Redskins @ Rams

Washington looked surprisingly bad last weak against the Eagles, while LA looked dominant against the Colts. Is Jared Goff for real or can Kirk Cousins get his team back on track? I have faith in Captain Kirk. Redskins 17-Rams 13.

Packers @ Falcons (Game of the Week 2)

This is my second and final Game of the Week due to the offensive battle we are going to see. The team that turns the ball over the least will win this game. I like Atlanta due to their balanced approach and stronger defense. ATL 27- Packers 20.

Giants @ Lions

  This week’s Monday Night Game isn’t a head turner for sure, but it should be interesting to see these two teams go at it. The Giants should have star WR Odell Beckham back from injury. I like Matt Stafford though and his ability to spread the ball around. The Giants’ strongest positions are run stoppers, but Detroit barely runs the ball. Detroit wins 24-13.