Super Bowl Prop Bets

By: Harry Falber

It’s everyone’s favorite sporting event of the year! It’s Superbowl time! Over the course of the week, there will be plenty of to breakdown about the game itself, so make sure you listen to all of our shows (weekdays 4-6), but I am here to breakdown some of the fun prop bets that are available for any fans who are interested in more than just Patriots vs. Falcons.

National Anthem Length (from first to last note) Over/Under 127.5 seconds 

Over -105

Under -135

This here is a tough one. How can one predict how long the National Anthem will be? Country star Luke Bryan will be singing The Star Spangled Banner this year and I find it hard to believe that he won’t hit the under. 127.5 seconds officially clocks in at two minutes and 7 seconds. Call me crazy, but I don’t think we will see Luke Bryan will stretch out any lines. Bryan sang the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star game in 2012. He came in at around two minutes. Look at him to fall in that area.

Will Lady Gaga have a Wardobe Malfunction 

Yes +600

No -1400

While the odds on this one aren’t great, there is no reason to bet yes unless you are trying to hit the jackpot. However, we all remember what happened the last time the New England Patriots played a Super Bowl in Houston….

Will any player break Super Bowl Passing Yards record (414 yards)

Yes +350

No -600

This is another one where the odds aren’t that great, but if you bet on this one you have to bet no. Matt Ryan only exceeded 350 yards three times this past season (503 yards vs. Carolina, 392 yards vs. Green Bay last week, and 396 yards vs. Oakland). New England has one of the best defenses in the league, so Ryan will not break this record.

Brady is the QB that has a better chance of breaking this record, but I don’t find it likely that he will break it either. Brady exceeded 350 yards four times this season, but never once exceeded 414 yards. I don’t expect him to do it for the first time in the Superbowl. Bet no.

Will Luke Bryan be wearing a hat when he appears on screen before singing the National Anthem 

Yes -120

No -120

This is a tough one too. The odds are the same, and if I had to guess, I’d say he won’t be wearing a hat. Luke Bryan goes everywhere and always performs with a hat. However, he didn’t have a hat at the MLB All-Star Game in 2012. Bet the house on this one! I’m confident.

What color will the Gatorade be?

Clear/Water +300

Lime/Green +300

Yellow +300

Orange +300

Red +500

Blue +750

Purple +1000

Now this one I don’t get. What kind of odds are these? And what is the difference between Lime/Green and Yellow? Isn’t the Yellow flavor called Lemon Lime? Either way this is bizarre. If I had to take this list and rank the flavors I would go 1. Blue 2. Red 3. Purple. So it is bananaland that these three have the lowest odds. Green being so high up scares me though. What does Vegas know that I don’t? What is this mystery green flavor and why is it ahead of a great flavor like Blue? Either way, I’m betting Blue. It’s the best flavor and has great odds.

If the Patriots win, will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell’s hand on TV?


No +110

This is easy money. Of course one of them is going to shake his hand. Robert Kraft was seen with Goodell laughing it up this past week. Easy money. Bet yes. However, show any of these three shake his hand? As a Patriots fan I have the unpopular opinion. I think they should shake his hand, go in for a hug, and whisper in his ear “Hey Roger, nice try.” Just leave it at that and move on. Goodell tried to ruin the legacy of both Brady and Belichick and they should let him hear it.

Who will be mentioned first after kickoff on live broadcast?

Dan Quinn -120

Bill Belichick -120

I mean come on. The greatest coach in NFL history vs. some bald guy in Atlanta. Vote Bill.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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