RE: RELAX. Everything Will Be Fine.

Nkwa Asonye
Sports Director

It’s amazing what can happen in the span of 48 hours, isn’t it?

Sunday, May 15, 2011 was the day all with a stake in George Washington basketball let out a huge scream of despair, a angry stream of unprintable words, or a stream of tears.  For some, it was all three.

Not only did former recruit Erik Copes find a new home…but he followed his uncle – former associate head coach Roland Houston – and signed with one of GW’s recent rivals: the George Mason Patriots.

See, he could have gone anywhere else outside of the Atlantic 10 and it would likely have hurt less.  But after going through two years of “At least Copes is coming,” this was the twist in a Hollywood script that was never supposed to see the light of day.  He was supposed to be suiting up in buff and blue for a “special” 2011-12 campaign, but instead, one of GW’s most heralded recruits in about a decade chose to take his talents down the Orange Line to rock the green and gold.  It was the worst case scenario that no one saw coming, yet here it is….and not many are taking the news too well.

Now, the following words may be shocking and a little scalding, but they need to be said.


Listen, this is a huge blow to GW’s morale and frontcourt depth.  But that’s it.  It’s not as if the entire season was going to be won or lost with Copes in the middle, especially since the backcourt is the real foundation of this team.  Over the years, it’s been shown that the team is at its best with scoring options inside and out and Copes is limited offensively outside of five feet from the basket anyway.

His defensive ability will sorely be missed, but it’s nothing the frontcourt shouldn’t be able to handle with another off-season to improve.

The combination of returning senior Jabari Edwards and redshirt sophomore Daymon Warren will be spotlighted and it has big shoes to fill in the post, but to make them the shoes of someone who refused to play here is simply unfair.

Plus, it should be more than just a footnote that this group has battled through adversity before.  Last season had a bitter ending, but the fact that it even unfolded the way that it did is a testament to this team’s potential and fight.

Colonial fans, people all over the college basketball world are already counting this team out.  Don’t join them.

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  1. Boo Fire Lonergan!!!

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